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Deeper than the Basics: Birth & Newborn Care Course for Professionals

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Ready to level up your childcare skills? Join us for "Deeper than the Basics Birth & Newborn Care for Professionals"!

Dive into comprehensive education for top-notch newborn care.  

Elevate your expertise and expand your career opportunities.  

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    Friday July 12 , 2024

    At 07:00 PM EDT

Families will Appreciate your Initiative

Learn About Infants and Newborns

Not Another NCS Course

Practical and Actionable Newborn and Infant Care 

We are so excited to be bringing this training to the world LIVE!
That’s right...
Mommy’s Day Off Presents -
Deeper than the Basics:
Birth & Newborn Care Course for Professionals

This interactive LIVE presentation will be happening over the course of 3 days at up to 4hrs each day! It is time for an actionable course for private in home care providers to learn the how to’s of infant care and also gain an understanding of the clients and what they may be going through.

And right now, you can get it for only $399.

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Still struggling to understand birth and
newborn care and what that looks like
for most families today?



This comprehensive class is designed for professional care providers, including infant nannies and household managers, who want to deepen their knowledge of infant care and support their families effectively.

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Here's What You Get...


Value matters a lot to us, so here’s what you can expect to receive with this course!

Printable Workbook

This detailed guide and workbook can be used to follow along during our live sessions. It will be provided as a download with the option to purchase a hard copy if you want.

Interview Guide & Questionnaire for Professionals

So many times we do not know what to ask potential families or agencies during interviews! We do not understand how to allow our personalities to shine while still remaining professional and engaged. This Questionnaire will allow you to learn more about the potential prospects, hopefully show you any “red flags”, and help you to standout!

Access to Student Community (Join anytime!)

Get direct access to MDO Staff, contractors, friends, clients, and of course Ms. Tré! That’s right in this small but mighty student community, you can promote your availability, post questions, get insight, interact with all students including families, and continue on with your growth journey. In this community you may also receive special pricing on future products, services, classes or events presented by MDO!


This is Perfect for YOU if...


You are an Infant Nanny or about to become an infant nanny.

You are a Private Care Professional such as a personal assistant, household manager, nanny, or postpartum doula and a new baby is on the way...

You are a Professional Provider wanting to brush up and gain a new understanding of newborn and infant care.

I totally get it, Ms. Tré.

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You'll Also Get These Bonuses



✓ LIVE presentation with Q&A
This is your opportunity to ask questions LIVE and share information if you would like.


✓ 1hr Image Consult (Value $130)
Receive expert image advice Ask questions Tweak your professional image Bring your resume, cover letter, headshot and more to be looked at 


✓ Online Presence Audit (Value $199)
Improve your online image and professional presence This covers all social media, search engines, and other online resources 


✓ Contract Mediation (Value $350)
Streamline contract creation and customization

That's well over $500... FREE!

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Let's break it all down.



Deeper than the Basics: Birth & Newborn Care Course for Professionals

Module #1: 
Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy

Module #2: 
Birth, Labor and Delivery

Module #3: 
Postpartum and Newborn Care

Module #4: 
Infant Nourishment

Module #5: 
Understanding Routines

Module #6: 
Car Seat Safety

Module #7: 
Family Life

Module #8: 
Cover Your ASSets

Register Today for Only $399

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What Customers Are Saying!

So, will this work for me?

YES! With this course program you will get the opportunity to learn more about infant care. You also can learn more about fertility, pregnancy and the other aspects of family building your client/s are dealing with. You can also learn more about your professional image.


When exactly can I get started?

The LIVE Presentation is scheduled for July 12, 2024. It is going to presented virtually, up to 4hrs on 3 days! During the LIVE class you can ask questions and gain insight on how to make sure you are invaluable to your client/s!


What's Next?

Join the student community!
Be present for class! 


Register for Just $399

100% Secure Checkout. PayPal, Zelle & Venmo Available.

When do I get access to my purchase?

This is a LIVE webinar presentation scheduled to begin July 12, 2024.

Will I get access to the replay for LIFE?


How long do I have access?

You will have access to the replays for life. If you want access to the course and the updates that is an additional price.

Will there be a student community?

Yes there is a student community that you can access after you register for the course.

Will I receive printable files?

Yes! You will receive the printable version of ay files from your class.

How much time will it take?

The LIVE presentation is scheduled to be 3 sessions lasting UP TO 4hrs each! We may finish sooner but that will be based on interaction, questions, and the group!


Register Today for Only $399

100% Secure Checkout. PayPal, Zelle & Venmo Available.

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