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Body Feeding Basics is a course all about Lactation! This inclusive course is presented LIVE once a month and has been designed to share information for professionals and families to learn more about lactation. At the end of this course you will have a better understanding of what it looks like to support a lactating person, body feeding family, and why they may handle things the way they decide to do. We want you to leave this course informed. We want you to leave this course confident in your understanding of how lactation works, how to be supportive, and some best practices.

    Saturday September 07 , 2024

    At 07:00 PM EDT

This is for you if...

We want everyone to take advantage of MDO as a rich resource. We will always use anatomically correct terms and inclusive terms when possible. We want everyone to understand how invaluable we deeply believe our students to be, every single one. We will always respect them and provide a wide range of information, classes, and interaction within our programs. Here are some reasons you may benefit from taking this course.

You are a pregnant person

Many pregnant people have so many questions about lactation and so we want to share some basic information with you

If your spouse is pregnant

Understanding how you can best support your spouse through lactation is something that will bring a lot of joy to postpartum life

If you are a professional doula and have pregnant or recently postpartum clients

We know how important it is for postnatal professionals to stay educated and learn as much as they can about anything that could impact their ability to help their clients

If you want to support a loved one in their lactating journey

Maybe you are wanting to have a better understanding on how to support your child, your sibling, close friend or relative in their lactating

If you want to learn in an inclusive environment

We are very intentional about using inclusive terminology whenever possible

If you like to ask questions LIVE and to learn with others

Prerecorded classes are amazing especially our bodyfeeding basics course, but sometimes you want to ask questions and we understand that


Learn more about the presenters! We are so excited to have an American Sign Language Interpreter present during ALL of our LIVE classes!

Tré Moment

I have been in the care field for over a decade and have made an impact on hundreds of families worldwide! I enjoy creating safe inclusive learning environments, interacting with people, and answering questions.  I am looking forward to meeting so many amazing care professionals, families and loved ones during these monthly presentations!

MDO Cares

MDO is proud to host such an informative event and welcomes everyone to be a part of our FRAMILY!  We are dedicated to creating affordable trainings in all things family!

Telysa Best
ASL Interpreter

My career as an interpreter started fairly young.  I was born into a predominately deaf family so ASL was my first language. As a child, I enjoyed teaching my classmates and friends. I attended Northeastern for interpreting and taught baby signs to give back to the community that gave so much to shape me.

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