Monthly LIVE Body Feeding Basics Course

A live presentation about body feeding and lactation. Come ready to learn and ask questions!

Course Summary

 Body Feeding Basics is a course all about Lactation!  This inclusive course is presented LIVE once a month and has been designed to share information for professionals and families to learn more about lactation.  At the end of this course you will have a better understanding of what it looks like to support a lactating person, body feeding family, and why they may handle things the way they decide to do. We want you to leave this course informed.  We want you to leave this course confident in your understanding of how lactation works, how to be supportive, and some best practices.

This course is for you if:
- You are a pregnant person
- If your spouse is pregnant
- If you are a professional doula and have pregnant or recently postpartum clients
- If you want to support a loved one in their lactating journey
- If you want to learn in an inclusive environment
- If you like to ask questions LIVE and to learn with others

We want everyone to take advantage of MDO as a rich resource.  We will always use anatomically correct terms and inclusive terms when possible.  We want everyone to understand how invaluable we deeply believe our students to be, every single one.  We will always respect them and provide a wide range of information, classes, and interaction within our programs. Enroll for the next LIVE course NOW!

Everyone that registers will have access to the recorded class for LIFE!  The recorded class will be found in their student portal.
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Tre Moment

Newborn Care Specialist, Teacher, Motivated Learner, and Childcare Advocate for all Families

Tré Moment is driven by passion: passion for the families she works with and for the care and nurturing of infants and newborns, passion for supporting diversity, and passion for continuing education and enrichment. With her extensive professional experience as a Birth and Newborn Care Specialist within the private sector, the mastery of her first 10,000 hours in education and service is only the beginning.

As a qualified and master-level practitioner within the Birth and Newborn Care Specialist Industry, Tré remains a dedicated student by continually learning in the field and in the classroom. Using her passion for knowledge as one of her greatest assets, Tré has applied her expertise by creating her newborn care course, “Deeper than the Basics,” which helps private in-home care professionals and families grow their childcare knowledge. In addition to her course, she also provides business coaching and private family consultations.

“Deeper than the Basics” was built from Tré's extensive, hands-on experience as a childcare specialist within the Domestic Care, Newborn Care, and Birth industries. This program is geared to help all caregivers, from trained professional providers to individual families, provide the best care for every child. She is passionate about helping and championing the health and welfare of a child by teaching caretakers how to embrace their greatness through motivational lessons and actionable training. Additionally, her newborn care courses help teach and decode industry-specific etiquette, professionalism, and morale with the ultimate goal of placing NCS providers within a variety of service positions in the private sector.

As a diversity advocate who recognizes the need for amplification of the Black experience within the world of domestic care, birth, newborn, and the private care industry, Tré is working to renew the voice of Black authority. Her goal is to raise the value of Black professionals and experts within the health care industry. She brings her unapologetic passion as an equity champion to all families. Her course, “Diversity Impacts” helps advocate for POC in the domestic and private care industry, and her work helps repair the disparity that exists in the treatment, care, and support of historically underrepresented POC and their experiences. Regardless of income, race, or community, Tré raises her voice so the impact of her care can be felt everywhere.

With qualifications as deep as they are wide-reaching, Tré possesses over 10 years of professional care experience and over 10,000 hours of education and hands-on practice. She has provided care and acted as a trusted resource to hundreds of families and colleagues nationwide. As a life-long believer in the power of knowledge and enrichment, Tré is committed to professional development and maintains consistent enrollment in industry-specific classes, training, and certification programs.

Tré’s greatest passion remains rooted with the families she works with and by providing well-rounded, respectful, intentional, and loving care to everyone she meets. For Tré, her greatest reward is seeing the impact she has on the life of a child by creating nurturing environments where families can grow and thrive. Tré is a proud NCS professional whose advocacy has helped her become an invaluable asset for her charges, clients, families, and for her colleagues in the field.

A. Carter

Boston, MA

Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their understanding of breastfeeding and lactation. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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